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tu lugar de encuentro…

Jornada mundial de la juventud

 Encuentro mundial de jovenes cristianos con el Papa.

Fue en Alemania, Colonia. Hubo muchos jovenes, miles de jovenes, festeando juntos. Se vivieron momentos de reflexión, de encuentro, de silencio …  gente de todos las naciones, superando las fronteras.Alemania

El lema de este encuentro fue: "FEEL THE SPIRIT", "Siente al Espiritu Santo". Y no sólo fué un encuentro entre miles de personas, sino que tambien fué un lugar de comunidad.

¿Estuviste en Alemania el año pasado? ¡Contanos tus impresiones o experiencias!

Junpm06 09,2006 - Posted by | Articulos Semanales

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  1. Hola a todos,

    soy de Alemania. Cuando el jornada mundial de la juventud era en Alemania en 2005, fue en sentimiento buenisimo. En este tiempo, encontré un monton de gente internacionales, de todo el mundo. Hamblamos mucho, discutimos, y tuvimos un tiempo buenísimo.

    Saludos de Alemania

    Comentario por jovenesdesantarita | Junpm06 09,2006

  2. Come together!

    We had the chance to get this wonderful experience in Germany. So many people, full of love. An experience I don’t want to miss.

    Every person should have been once in his life at a catholic day. Do it!

    Comentario por Lil' Kurt | Junpm06 09,2006

  3. Hey together!

    I am from Germany and I enjoyed the World Youth Day very much. The week before the event started, my family had guests from Malta and their and our group grew together in the name of the faith. With them we went to Cologne and made a lot of wunderful experiences with people all over the world. I was very happy to recognize, that young people which don’t know each other, can have such a lot of fun, deep discussions and community together!!!
    I still have a lot of contact to people all over the world. And like this, as I made the experience, the world will grow together.

    Comentario por Steevie | Junpm06 09,2006

  4. many young people

    don`t miss such a great day

    Comentario por chris | Junpm06 09,2006

  5. Hola todos!

    El jornada mundial de la juventud en Colonia estuve estupendo! En mi toda vida, nunca he visto tantos jovenes de tantas diferentes nacionalidades!

    Siente al Espiritu Santo!


    Comentario por Lil' Andrew | Junpm06 09,2006

  6. All I can say is: Feel the spirit!!!!!!!!

    Comentario por plipplip | Junpm06 09,2006

  7. Hey you!
    I am living in Germany but I haven’t been at the WYD. But I think, that’s a great thing, to take part in such an event!!! Some friends of mine told me that it was funny, nice……
    Maybe I can manage it to take part next time!!!! I hope so!

    Comentario por steevanja | Junpm06 09,2006

  8. Bonjour!
    Je n’etais pas au WYD. Mais je crois que c’est une bonne possibilite de faire des connaisance aves des jeunes de la monde entier avec la meme opinion!!!!
    feel the spirit!!!

    Comentario por eggi | Junpm06 09,2006

  9. Hi Hi
    in my opinion the church organizes this event only to recruit young people. Nowadays there are few people, who go to chruch, so the church has to do something against this situation. Many people make a lot of money with this event. They sale backpack, cups and so on and this fact has nothing to do with “spirit”. But on the other hand this event is a great possibility to get to know new people with the same interests or meet old friends. I ´ve never been at the WYD, because I haven´t the need to see the pope and “feel the spirit” with other young people. If I want talk to god I pray. But this is only my opinion. For people, who are interested in church and “the spirit” is this event something magical and important. If they like it, why shouldn´t they go there.
    In this reflect, fell the spirit (if you want)😉

    Comentario por emma | Junam06 09,2006


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